About me


I'm David and this is my website!

I started learning how to make games with Unity in 2019 and completed my first game "DOOG" the next year, after around 5 months of intense work.

I currently spend my time developing games based on or inspired by VTubers (Virtual Youtubers) and just having fun.

Games I've published


A Hololive fangame inspired by Korone Inugami and her excitement to play Doom. It's a first person shooter based on classic Doom with Korone as the protagonist.

Get it here: https://david-wu-softdev.itch.io/doog-hololive-fangame

Riri Rhythm

A dual lane rhythm game showcasing Ririsya's music. Ririsya is a Virtual Youtuber that sings, composes music and plays the guitar.

Get it here: https://david-wu-softdev.itch.io/riri-rhythm

Chrono Crux

A small arcade game featuring Ouro Kronii from Hololive English second generation "Council" and Watson Amelia from Hololive English first generation "Myth". Totally not similar to an 80s game with helicopters dropping paratroopers.

Get it here: https://david-wu-softdev.itch.io/chrono-crux

Mumei's Memory Juggling

A card matching memory game featuring hololive and holostars members from Gen 0 to HoloX, including also Hololive EN and Hololive ID. Follow the Story mode with Mumei as the protagonist or challenge an opponent in Versus Computer or Versus Hooman mode (local multiplayer).

Get it here: https://david-wu-softdev.itch.io/mumeis-memory-juggling

Other projects

Hololive Fangames Database

I've compiled here a list of fan games based on Hololive talents, classifying them by talent, platform and genre, as well as writing a short review for each one based on my own experience.

Find it here: https://softdevwu.dev/hologames/


A joke game based on a video by Inugami Korone where the listener (viewers) gets rid of unpleasant feelings that appear when Korone is not streaming.

Get it here: https://david-wu-softdev.itch.io/korone-potris

Riri Bingo

Bingo app for watching Ririsya's streams.

Get it here: https://david-wu-softdev.itch.io/riri-bingo

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