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About Hologames Database

I put together this fan games database initially only for personal use, but as time passed and the database grew larger I figured it would be great to share it with other Hololive fans so that everyone can discover new fan games that are either not very popular or just hidden in some obscure website.

I hope you find this useful in your journey down the rabbit hole.

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Number of games listed: 520

Most popular talent: Gawr Gura(がうる・ぐら) featured in 79 games.

Most popular genre: Platformer (92 games)

Recently added games

Holo X Break
Added on: 2024/05/21
Peko Jump
Added on: 2024/05/21
Haachama Pressing
Added on: 2024/05/21
Who Streamed It?
Added on: 2024/05/21
Split Ball
Added on: 2024/05/21
Nene's Harvest
Added on: 2024/05/21


All reviews listed in this website are my own thoughts about the games, based on my personal experience playing them, so please take them with a grain of salt. Your own experience may vary.

I'm not an expert or professional website developer, so I put this site together with my limited knowledge and skills. Please don't bully me.

This database compiles a number of fan games made based on or inspired by Hololive talents, mostly developed by third parties. I do not take responsibility for the content these games offer, but I make my best effort to at least take a glance at the game content (at the time of review) to see if it's aligned with COVER's guidelines for derivative works.

This is an independent website created by a fan, not affiliated with, nor endorsed by Hololive or COVER Corp.

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