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Hololive RPG

Released Version 1 (2022/02/24)


Turn-based RPG

  • Windows
Game review:

RPG game featuring Pekora and Moona, who find themselves transported to a fantasy world.
Features an active time battle system, requiring the player to keep on their toes to take fast action during the fights. The enemies won't wait for you!

The current version of the game feels like a prologue of sorts, since there isn't much story told and the game can be cleared in under 15 minutes.
Funny voice sound effects for the attacks and damage during battles.
Dialogue lines have cute talents' voice noises as sound effect.

I didn't enjoy the excessive camera movement during the battle sequences. It made it hard to aim at an enemy when trying to attack and also got me dizzy after a while.
I also found a bug, where a couple of enemies tried to attack me, but instead of triggering the battle sequence, they just hung around and followed me as I moved through the map. That was funny.
  • Moona Hoshinova
  • Usada Pekora
Last checked: 2022/02/27