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Prototype Version Prototype (2021/11/19)



  • Windows
Game review:

Features a 4-way rock-paper-scissors type of strong/weak character types.
Click on a character to move. After moving, can select an action: attack enemy, use skill or end turn.

Since there's no tutorial or ingame instructions, it was a bit difficult to start playing. I also couldn't get Ina to heal herself and it was not easy to know at a glance what was my team's HP. I had to hover over each unit to check their stats. Would be nice to have the HP bar visible at all times.

For a prototype it's pretty good and I can see the potential if polished into a finished product. The lack of sounds or music also contributes to making it a less enjoyable experience.
The GameMaker Studio installer may trigger a warning. Also, sometimes the game decides to crash out of nowhere.
  • Gawr Gura
  • Mori Calliope
  • Ninomae Ina'nis
  • Takanashi Kiara
Last checked: 2022/04/23