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Released Version 1.08 (2022/04/18)


Turn-based RPG

  • Windows
Game review:

According to the game description page, there's not much of a story or dialogue and it's more about the action, defeating enemies and bosses to clear the game. (About 7-16 hours of game content)

RPGMaker game about fighting enemies after getting sent to another world (if I understood the game intro sequence correctly)

Cute holomember pixel art sprites and portraits.

If you think you're stuck in a map, look carefully. There are vines that connect the different game maps, but they're kinda hard to see.
Also be careful when opening chests, since enemies roaming the map will still move around and attack you.

The game installer may trigger a warning. It's just a self-extracting file.

The game is only in Japanese.
  • Kiryu Coco
  • Minato Aqua
  • Murasaki Shion
  • Tsunomaki Watame
Last checked: 2022/04/23