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Vtuber Battle

Released Version 1.21 (2018/12/02)



  • Web
  • Windows
Game review:

Web version here: https://unityroom.com/games/vtuberbattle

Action-Strategy game featuring some of the OG Vtubers from back in 2018, such as Kizuna AI, Siro, Mirai Akari, Kaguya Luna and hololive's Tokino Sora among others!
Setup your party (one supporter on the wall that you directly control and 4 attackers that are AI controlled on the field) and defend against waves of enemies. Defeat all enemies to clear a wave.
Any enemies that reach the left side of the screen will deal damage to your HP. If you lose all your HP it's game over.
Once a characer's SP is at 100%, click on the SP bar to activate their special skill.
Use Battle Points after each wave to buy items or provide extra EXP to your party.
Left click to decide actions or fire bullets as supporter. Right click to close windows and shoot healing bullets.

Gameplay is addictive, once you figure out what each character, item and button does (by trial and error if you can't read Japanese) it's fun to play. Lots of variation in character skills. The attackers can also be commanded in battle to change their behaviour (attack, defend and other options).
Cute chibi sprites. I recommend the web version just because it doesn't automatically go into full screen mode, which can't be disabled. Also, there's no volume control in the main screen so be warned of loud sounds! You can access the settings menu once you've started a game.

Only in Japanese.
  • Tokino Sora
Last checked: 2022/05/07