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Pokemon: Hololive ver. A tale of lost time

Demo Version Demo (2022/02/22)



Turn-based RPG

  • Windows
Game review:

Amelia is a pokemon trainer that has to face off in Pokemon battles with the rest of the holoEN girls, with the Council members as the elites.
This game seems to be built on top of a Pokemon engine clone.

I have no experience playing Pokemon, so I had no idea why some of my Pokemon died in one hit and others survived many opponents. After some trial and error I managed to beat the demo in Easy difficulty. I'm guessing an experienced Pokemon player will understand better how to play the game.

Very cute pixelart of the EN girls, based on Walfie's drawings. Also the talent's dialogues are on point, and there's a short story teaser after completing the elite battles.

Looks like a good game for Pokemon fans.
  • Watson Amelia
Last checked: 2022/05/07