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Goomba Racing

Released Version 1 (2022/05/03)



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  • Windows
Game review:

Nyoom! It's time to race and drift with the SmoloMyth girls!
Goomba racing is a mario-kart like game where you zoom around in KFP on Roombas!

Fun gameplay, with multiple items to pickup along the track. The smol myth models are cute as always and the KFP 3d model is really well done!

The game is incomplete, but the Dev has shared the source project for anyone to add more functionality and/or levels on their own.
  • Gawr Gura
  • Mori Calliope
  • Ninomae Ina'nis
  • Takanashi Kiara
  • Watson Amelia
Last checked: 2022/05/29