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Holotyping Kanataso Edition

Released Version 1.2 (2022/07/16)



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Game review:

Typing game where you'll be challenged to type the words on the screen as fast as possible!
Of course, the words contain references to the different hololive talents and their songs.
You will also have a support character to help you during the typing challenge, choose between Coco, Marine or Kronii to get a unique support effect from each one of them.
Finally, you can activate Kanata's ultimate skill by pressing the ENTER key. Enter key mashing poweerrrr! XD

Very nice pixel art, with multiple endings showing a different illustration, fun to play and activate all the support skills. Great music too!
The game is mostly in Japanese, but can be played without a problem by non-JP speakers since all the words in the typing game are written in western characters.

Good game to challenge your typing speed!
  • Amane Kanata
Last checked: 2022/07/17