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Heaven2Hell Peko

In development Version Alpha 0.0.3 (2022/06/10)



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Game review:

Have you ever imagined playing Jump King but backwards?
Yeah, me neither. But that's what this game is about.

You play as Pekora as you "help" her get to the bottom of the map as fast as possible. Sort of a speedrunning fall game.
All while poor Pekora verbally complains about the falling. XD

Pretty cute Pekora pixel art sprite. Nice selection of Pekora voice lines. The UI is pretty well made.

Keep the volume down when launching this game, as it starts pretty loud. Luckily the volume can be lowered in the game settings.

By the way, my best time is around 16 seconds.
  • Usada Pekora
Last checked: 2022/08/14