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Mumei's Birthday Adventure

Cancelled Version (2022/08/10)



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Game review:

Mumei platformer featuring Superappleman's sprite.

Kronii has frozen time and turned the bunkeronii into a deadly fortress! Why did this happen? It's up to Mumei to figure it out by going through the different rooms and finding the truth!

The game requires some practice to get used to the movement and attacking, as well as learning how the different enemies work. Not an easy game for sure!

Cute music and character sprites. It would be nice if there was better feedback from hitting enemies as well as making the falling attack animation more evident. There were countless times where I was not sure if I was actually attacking and not just falling.

The developer recommends using Firefox to play on browser, due to potential audio stutter in other web browsers like Chrome.

The game is still in development, with new content announced by the developer.

Update 2023/02/20: The project was unfortunately cancelled by the developer.
  • Nanashi Mumei
Last checked: 2023/02/20