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In development Version 1.1.0 (2022/12/03)



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Game review:

Racing game where IRyS drives her car around 4 different tracks to score drifting points while listening to her Eurobeat remix songs.

Gain points by drifting. Drift length, speed and angle affect the scoring.
Collect soda to raise the score multiplier.

After finishing a track you can save a replay file that you can view or race against.
Replay files can be exported to share with other players.

This is a very hard game as the tracks are narrow and the car drifts quite a lot. You lose all points when touching walls, so it's very unforgiving in that sense. Once you got a little too fast and start drifting into a wall, there's no way to stop, even hitting the brakes doesn't help.

I found the training track the most enjoyable as it's much wider and you can actually score some points.
  • IRyS
Last checked: 2022/12/22