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HoloTEMPUS Fangame

Released Version 1 (2022/10/21)


Turn-based RPG

  • Mac
  • Windows
Game review:

This game was made to celebrate Magni's birthday!
Follow the story as Altare puts together the TEMPUS guild in this RPG maker game!

The game has cute sprites for the Tempus boys and I loved all the references to the boys' lore and stream moments in the game's story, items and dialogues. The story is based on the TEMPUS manga!
Depending on your pacing, the main story can be completed in about 2 hours of play. After that a short special story for Dez's birthday is unlocked!

Highly recommended for all TEMPUS fans!
  • Axel Syrios
  • Magni Dezmond
  • Noir Vesper
  • Regis Altare
Last checked: 2022/10/23