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Holo AT

Prototype Version Early Access 14 (2022/09/18)



  • Android
  • Windows
Game review:

Play as Kazama Iroha and beat 4 hololive talent bosses as fast as you can in this boss rush action fighting game inspired in a hologra episode.
Each boss has a unique fighting strategy and the quickest players can post their times to the leaderboard.

This is more of a "footsies" game than an action game, as you have to move in and out of the enemy range and time your attack to do damage without getting hit. Also, the bosses have a lot of HP so it's a battle of patience and concentration.

I was expecting a more fast-paced game when I read the description and saw the screenshots. Something similar to Metal Gear Rising, with crazy jumps, super fast dashing and quick attacks, so I was a bit disappointed with the relatively slow movement and attack animations.

A retry button would also improve the experience a lot, since right now you have to go back to the title screen when you lose a battle.
  • Kazama Iroha
Last checked: 2022/12/22