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Calliope Mori's Underworld Tour 2022

Released Version 1 (2022/11/06)



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  • Windows
Game review:

Go golfing with Calli and Ollie!

Play through 9 holes in this underworldian golf game. Stay in the "green" (which is red) to have the best shot strength, aim carefully and hit with Calli's scythe!

The game is fun, but needs some quality of life improvements to have a better experience. Mainly, it lacks a clear shot direction and strength UI markers, so it can be frustrating to get Ollie to the desired landing location. Sometimes a shot will end up a bit too strong or too weak but there's no clear visual indication of how much strength you're actually putting into a shot so you can correct.

I recommend giving the game a try and having a fun golfing time in this underworldian "collab". :)
  • Kureiji Ollie
  • Mori Calliope
Last checked: 2022/12/22