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(Pokobee's Summer Vacation)

In development Version 1 (2023/04/02)



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Game review:

Pixel art platformer featuring Pokobe, Kazama Iroha's companion mascot!

Very pretty pixel art. The platforming reminds me of Super Mario Bros, with enemies you can stomp on and many platforms with pitfalls. There's also lava at some point.

The character movement feels a bit "slippery" so it can make some jumps a bit tricky. It also gets stuck on the sides of walls, which can help save a near miss jump.

There are hidden holoX coins to collect all over the map. The game features multiple endings depending on your final score.

Iroha played it on stream! She seemed very happy to have her own fangame! :D
  • Kazama Iroha
Last checked: 2023/04/20