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Released Version (2023/05/20)




  • Windows
Game review:

Collect the watamates and make a line in this Watame fangame.
Plays very similarly to snake, as in you grow your line of watamates and lose if you crash into the line or any world obstacles (fences, trees).

You'll get a rank depending how many watamates you got in the line and how long you lasted in the game, as well as a snapshot of how your game looked when you got your best score! Pretty cool!

There's 2 difficulty modes: Casual (top left button) and Crazy (bottom left button). In casual mode, the watamates will calmly follow the line. In crazy mode, they will zoom around all over the place, making it harder to avoid crashing into them.
Controls: Watame will follow the mouse position. Left click to move faster. Right click to move slower.

How long can you make the watamate line? My best record was 68 watamates in casual difficulty and 10 in crazy difficulty.

In Japanese.
  • Tsunomaki Watame
Last checked: 2023/05/20