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Released Version 6.0.1 (2023/06/26)



  • Windows
Game review:

Complete rebuild of holofunk in the Unity game engine, with additional content and features!

This version replaces the previous two database entries "Hololive Funkin' - Fubuki Side" and "Hololive Funkin' - Aloe Side" by combining both into a single package.

Really cool illustrations for the talents and well as great song arrangements and funky beatmaps in this challenging rhythm game based on Friday Night Funkin'!

They also have an alternative version of the game that removes some content that could be troublesome to show on streams for hololive members, such as copyrighted content.
  • Mano Aloe
  • Momosuzu Nene
  • Ookami Mio
  • Shirakami Fubuki
Last checked: 2023/07/20