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ござるのお仕事🍃 ~holoX倒産の危機!?~

(Gozaru's Work -holoX bankruptcy crisis!?-)

Released Version 1 (2023/05/13)




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Game review:

Play as holoX's bodyguard Kazama Iroha to save holoX's financial crisis!
Get back the stolen money with the help of your friends until the timer goes to zero!

Move with the A/D keys. Attack with right-click, jump with left-click. The E key will activate a special skill once the power bar is full (bottom right of the screen)

As you defeat enemies, Iroha will level up. You can then select one upgrade out of 3 options.

Cute character sprites. I reached rank 6 with 3221 coins!
In Japanese.
  • Kazama Iroha
Last checked: 2023/08/21