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Released Version 1 (2023/12/22)




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Game review:

Made in one week as an entry for the hololive fangames jam #2!

Drag the talents into the right box according to the category!
If you take too long or if you miss the category the game is over!

Very cute illustrations for the talents.
Quick and fun game.

My best score was 77! (I ran out of time with so many talents on the screen lol)
  • Ceres Fauna
  • Fuwawa Abyssgard
  • Gawr Gura
  • Hakos Baelz
  • IRyS
  • Koseki Bijou
  • Mococo Abyssgard
  • Mori Calliope
  • Nanashi Mumei
  • Nerissa Ravencroft
  • Ninomae Ina'nis
  • Ouro Kronii
  • Shiori Novella
  • Takanashi Kiara
  • Watson Amelia
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