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Tempus Round Up

Released Version 0.2.0 (2023/12/22)



  • Windows
Game review:

Made in one week as an entry for the hololive fangames jam #2!

Use the mouse to herd the little Tempus mascots into the pen and get them to safety into their sanctuary. Each mascot has a unique way they react to the mouse cursor, so you'll need to constantly adapt to the situation!

Really fun to play, although one of the mascots was especially frustrating to keep moving in the right direction (I'm looking at you speedy guy).

Fun little game for Tempus fans.
  • Axel Syrios
  • Banzoin Hakka
  • Gavis Bettel
  • Josuiji Shinri
  • Machina X Flayon
  • Regis Altare
Last checked: 2024/01/04