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Sneaky Pebbles

Released Version 1 (2023/11/26)



  • Windows
Game review:

Fight teams of 6v6 Pebblesonas!
Plays just like Pokemon, except all the pebbles have the same moveset.

Uses the pebble designs submitted by fans for Koseki Bijou's #pebblesona hashtag on Twitter.
The game description mentions there's also the option to create and customize up to 13 additional pebbles but I didn't try it.

Fought and won 3 battles in the game by "rock rock"ing my way, but since every pebble has the same moveset, it got a bit repetitive.

Seeing all the different pebblesona designs in the game was really cute though.
  • Koseki Bijou
Last checked: 2024/01/21