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Idol Showdown

Released Version 1.1.1 (2023/05/13)



  • Steam
Game review:

Fully fledged 2D Fighting game featuring nice pixel art sprites of Hololive talents, amazing effects and animations!

The current version of the game features 8 fighters, each with their unique style and flashy moves and the development team has teased new characters will be added in the future.

The game can be played online (implements rollback netplay to reduce lag) and has a complex combo system similar to Guilty Gear or BlazBlue, making it attractive for fighting game enthusiasts.

Additionally to the standard 1v1 fighting mode, the game also has a single player roguelike "story" mode, where you collect items and upgrades for your character, which help you as you fight your way to the end. In this mode, you will also find events based on memorable hololive moments that may help or hinder your progress depending on your choice.

Many of the hololive talents have played the game, fighting solo, against each other in 1v1 collabs and even versus some lucky viewers.

There may even be a tournament with all hololive branches participating. So exciting!
  • Inugami Korone
  • Shirakami Fubuki
  • Nakiri Ayame
  • Tokino Sora
  • Aki Rosenthal
  • Hoshimachi Suisei
  • Kiryu Coco
  • Shishiro Botan
Last checked: 2023/05/20