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Released Version 1 (2023/12/17)




  • Steam
Game review:

The first game in COVER's holo Indie program!

Put together a balanced team and get the parade going!
Plan your resources and team composition to defeat the opposing team and break their wall!
Get gacha tickets by clearing maps and use them to recuit new members for your team.

Lots of levels to play, bosses to defeat and mascots and talents to collect!
There's also a cute Miko minigame!

Very fun and entertaining game. And the developer is actively adding new content too! Worth every cent.
  • AZKi
  • Gawr Gura
  • Hoshimachi Suisei
  • Houshou Marine
  • Inugami Korone
  • Mori Calliope
  • Nekomata Okayu
  • Ninomae Ina'nis
  • Ookami Mio
  • Roboco San
  • Sakura Miko
  • Shirakami Fubuki
  • Shiranui Flare
  • Shirogane Noel
  • Takanashi Kiara
  • Tokino Sora
  • Usada Pekora
  • Watson Amelia
Last checked: 2023/12/21